Aira force

Not really sure if this is classed as a walk as such, we where passing in the car and suddenly thought why not. We didnít want to park up at the main car park as it tends to get crowded, and being a miserable old git I donít like crowds, so we decided to drive and park up in what I think is the old quarry near Parkhouse farm. Then cross over the road and head down to Aira Beck, there is a very well worn path down to the beck and a good path all the way down, very easy walking.

We wasnít in any hurry to see it it was just a slow chilling out couple of hours.

Even though we parked up away from the main fall, it soon became obvious that we werenít the only people to have the same thoughts, the path was chocka block with people doing the same thing as us, and (I suppose that what happens on a lovely afternoon in summer). So my plan to walk all the way down to the cafť at the main car park of tea and stickys quickly went out of the window. And once we got to Aira force had a look-see and a mooch around we just turned around and headed back up.

A lovely short walk in a lovely area.

A few photos taken during the walk. enjoy:-