DATE                                         01.07.11

WEATHER                               HOT AND SUNNY

DISTANCE                               ABOUT 11 & 1/3

START / FINISH                     BEADNELL ...........BOULMER


Beadnell to Boulmer

This walk took a tiny bit more organising simply because it was a linear Coastal walk.

The plan was to meet up with Cheviot Stroller at a pre-arranged time at the car park at Boulmer from there we would leave one car, drive up to Beadnell and set off from there.

Being the ďhostĒ for this walk (is host the right word?) I thought that I would get there ten minutes early just in case (donít ask me what 'just in case' is coz I donít know) anyway it turned out I followed Cheviot stroller in, good start eh both a few minutes early.  Introductions where made and gear quickly thrown into the boot of my car and off we went.

Parked up in the car park in Beadnell, this is a pay and display car park but being a tight- fisted old git I quickly produced my very own blue badge which apparently allows me to park free of charge, so there is some advantage to loosing ones leg.  I am almost certain there must be others but I cant think of any at the moment.

Anyway we quickly put on our boots & rucksacks and headed off to the beach.  Just to confirm that the tide was out.

We decided that we would walk along the beach whenever it was possible, rather than sticking to the official coastal route. (Thereís only about 20 meters or so difference anyway) so off we went.

The route was simple, head down the coast (without getting wet feet) cutting down onto the beach wherever possible.

Stopping for refreshments at the Ship Inn at Low Newton and again at the Jolly Fisherman at Craster.

The weather was good to us and as it was a Friday we were sure it would be deserted.  We couldnít have asked for more.  That was before we got to Low Newton from there to Craster the  entire route was chock a block with  allsorts of people.  Doesnít any one work on a Friday anymore?

Anyway we battled on through the crowds and eventually left them all behind in the flesh pots of Craster and enjoyed the rest of our walk.

As I didnít have a GPS on me, I think the route was about 11 to 11 Ĺ miles and the only down side was I got sunburnt.

Smashing walk and even better company, thanks Yvonne aka Cheviot Stroller we will have to do it again.

As per norm some photos enjoy:-

Just got onto the beach at Beadnell looking towards the harbour.  Did you know that this is the only westward facing harbour on the eastern coast? (Bit of useless info for you).

The way forward (Beadnell Bay).

Climbing off the beach looking back at Beadnell Bay.

Heading towards Snook Point on the Coastal path.

Looking across the bay towards Dunstanburgh Castle.

First sighting of Low Newton (our first stop for refreshments at the Ship Inn).

Looking back at Embleton Bay.

Old pillbox with bits of Dunstanburgh Castle behind.


Some photos of the castle as we wandered round.

Taken from the beer garden at Craster.  Did you know that the Coastal path goes through the actual beer garden?

Heading towards Cullernose Point.

Peering over the top at Cullernose Point

A few photos of the cliffs as we walk along.

First sighting of the old bath house. 

Heading down towards Howick Haven.

Looking down towards the sea, there are some baby caves in amongst these rocks (so I am told).

Another small sandy bay (canít remember its name).

The highlight of the walk, an old hut painstakingly built by some students that is supposed to represent some building that the locals used to live in (a few years ago?) sadly its falling down now. My walking partner didnít seem to be too impressed.

Sadly getting close to Boulmer now looking back at Sugar Sands.

Thank you.


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