DATE                                        13.04.12

DISTANCE                               ABOUT 8.9 MILES

WEATHER                               BRIGHT AND SUNNY


After my last walk down this way I had already sorted out a possible route that I wanted to do before I moved on to another area, I am not say that I know this area or have done all the walks but this would be my third visit and if I am going to see more of the lakes I need to get around more, it would be so much easer if I didnít have to work and had more time, but I donít.

Anyway I was planning to park up at the (new church) at Martindale and walk straight along the road to Boredale Head, Walking along the road isnít really fun but today I knew that I had to save what strength and energy for the back end of the walk and it gives me time to settle into my arty leg and get any problems sorted out before I hit some rough ground.

The road is a dead end and I donít think that many cars use it , well I didnít see any today , and it also gives me the chance to look around as I am walking , normally I have to keep my eyes on the ground in front of me so I donít get caught out with any trip hazards , and so I tend to miss out on some of the views , and what views there are , it also gave me the chance to study Beda Fell and look at possible routes coming down . whilst looking across I couldnít help but notice that there was several herd of deer , once I had spotted them I couldnít help but notice that there was several smaller herds just above me , (just goes to show how much I miss when walking )

Soon enough I reached Boredale head, from there the road turned into grassy track which would take me straight out of the valley over the top to Boredale Hause. but first I had tackle a very rocky stony section , this  didnít prove to be any problem and soon I was  on lovely soft grass  heading towards Boredale Hause , from here I picked up the path that would take me Angletarn  what a lovely place this is , adding to the moment there was a slight covering of snow on what I think is the Helvellyn range , this made for umpteen photos and I really had trouble dragging my arse away from what is a lovely area but first I quick walk up to Angletarn pikes  and yet another photo taking session , I will admit I was like a dog with two tails , scurrying from one crag to the next , the sun was out, a nice cooling breeze straight from the snow topped mountains , only one word can describe it :- magic .

From this point I had a mooch over to Heckbeck head, Heck cove and Heck Crag before I reluctantly started on my return journey which was along Beda fell , now this  was something I was really looking forward to and one of the reasons that I had tried to keep most of my strength for , not only did I want to walk it from one end to the other I once again kept leaving the path to go mooching from one side to the other , plus throw in  a few cairns on the crags I just knew that I was in for a seriously hard  return section  but it will be worth it .

It didnít disappoint, and I must have done something right as the weather gods looked down and smiled on me today.

Before I post a few photos I have to say as I reached the car I turned and looked back for the last time at Beda fell, I felt a tremendous sense of fulfilment and a sadness that my adventure in this area was over, I have come to love these fell, I may not walk as far or as high as most people, but here it doesnít matter. Thank you & enjoy.

Taken where the road crosses over the Boredale beck with Place fell on the left and Beda fell on the right


Deer, always a delightful sight.


Looking down the valley (if all goes well I should be up there later on)


More Deer, they really arenít bothered by me


Now on a grassy path slowly heading up


This lose stone has caused me some grief in the past, but today it doesnít present any problems as long as I take my time.


Heading up to the cut, once through here I know that I will be back on grassy paths


Looking back down the valley.


As I leave the cut this is what I am greeted by.


Heading down towards Boredale Hause where I should link up with a footpath that will take me to Angle tarn.

A few photos as I make my way to the tarn .

Looking back along my path with Place Fell in the background

I think that I am looking towards the Helvellyn range, but I am not certain

 Looking down towards Brothers Water.


Looking back along the path as it winds it way round the Angletarn Pikes, but what views!


Rest stop, I had to stop and sit down, I was in danger of falling off the path where I kept turning round to take all the views in


Angletarn, all I can say is that when I saw this I was gobsmacked, no wonder there are so many photos of it scattered about on the net, well there are a few more now.


Looking towards Angletarn Pikes, I fully intend to pop up there for a mooch later on.


Because it is something special a few more photos.


Arty leg wants his photo done too

 Starting to climb a bit now looking towards Buck Crag

The pikes  

Looking back down towards the tarn


The pikes getting closer


Last look down, what a wonderful place this is.


I think I am above the Pikes now looking at my route along Beda Fell


Looking down Bannerdale valley (if thatís the right name)


Looking the other way towards Glenridding & Ullswater


Looking back towards the pikes


A few photos, I took hundreds whilst I was up here, I really need to go on a course because they donít do the views justice.


My route

 More Deer (taken at max zoom)


A few more photos as I wandered along, I did my best to see both sides of this hill and paid a visit to all the cairns along the way



Hello Mick, have a nice walk? ÖÖÖÖ. Yes thank you

 Last look back as I get to the car.


Sometimes I really have trouble walking, and have spent countless days / weeks even months practising and retrying stuff just to be able to get on with things, then you come to a place like this and walk alone in the hills and you know all the struggling / sweating / swearing was worth it. I would do it all again to have a day like this.