DATE                                          18.05.12

DISTANCE                                Just under 9 miles

WEATHER                                Grey , windy with some rain

START / FINISH                       Car park by new church


Beda /Place fell round.

 To say that I was a bit nervous at the start of this walk was an understatement, plus old arty leg had been playing up and causing me some grief which didnít add to my normal sense of well being, for some strange reason I had started to hit a nerve when I put weight onto arty and it was painful, but not every step, so I didnít know if I had fixed the problem when I padded the socket out the night before.

I informed my walking partner that I might have to wimp out, at some point of the walk if it started to play up and I think that there was a bit of a cloud hanging over my head about the whole situation, I mean there is nothing worse that waiting to see if you are going to get that shooting pain   when you place your foot down. But there is nothing more I could do so it was a case of just waiting and ďplaying things by earĒ.

We dully arrived at the church at Martindale, and threw a cup of coffee down our necks whilst the rest of the walkers arrived, introductions where made and every one got ready.

At this stage I wasnít sure where we would be walking, Dave had sent out three routes (all good) and asked if I had any problems (chambers ECT ECT) with any one. I didnít so all three where good.

Dave (or someone decided on a route) and left it for John (brandywell) to be ďleaderĒ who would set the pace and keep us all on the right track and stop people like me from wandering off all over the place (I will go on to say that I donít know for certain that John even knew that he was in charge) but as he has a lifetime of experience of walking in the fells I for one felt very happy to have him guiding me (so thanks John)

The route took us from the new church down along the road to Sandwick where we joined up with a well used track that took us along towards Scalehow force where we started to climb up the fell,(with much puffing and panting by myself) passing low moss, Hart Crag onto Place fell itself then down (gulp) to Boredale Hause from there up towards Angletarn Pikes where there was one steep bit onto the top where I honestly thought that someone was trying to kill me , but much to my surprise I got up there with no real problem (apart from my lungs bursting and turning a funny red colour) then after a quick look at the tarn it was time for the return leg , this was a walk along the ridge line (if thatís the right word) along Beda fell finally dropping off it just round the corner from where we had started earlier on .(any way look at the map).

Some points that I noticed, there was some fairly experienced walkers with me today, &I couldnít help but notice as far as (gear) brand names went there was no favourite, we all had different makes on and it was obvious that every one was happy with their gear which brings up the old argument what coat ect is best and why? it would appear that its what you are happy with and no one brand is better than another, I know this was just a small snap shot but its something I have been looking at for some time, whenever I meet someone out on the hills I always have a look and make note of what gear they have on and often ask about it. And have come to the conclusion (at this time) there isnít a clear winner. I will carry on asking and looking until next winter then I will have to get a new coat.

Whilst I am on about coats, I couldnít help but notice (rather jealously) how when the rain started how the water beaded on there coats and run off and sort of soaked into mine, I even washed and treated it to nix wax only a few months ago .I am doing something wrong. (Next time I will read the instructions twice).

I also saw some one Applying the layering system at various times of the day by putting on and removing various tops as the weather changed , something that I think I should start doing as at the moment I either run hot or when the rain comes and the coat goes on  I cook . Yep something to try.

The weather wasnít good for the day but then it wasnít really bad, the wind started to get up a bit as the day worn on and at one point I was thinking I hope it doesnít get any worse because I really didnít want to have to drop down and wimp out . I had worked too hard to be beaten by a bit of wind at this stage.

A few photos from the walk enjoy.

Taken from the car park by the Church looking at Beda Fell.


General view as we walked towards Sandwick.

Looking up towards what I think is Hallin fell.

On the track heading towards Scalehow force, we start heading up the hill at this point.

Scalehow force.


A bit closer.

Looking back towards Ullswater.

The path.

Scalehow beck.

Looking back, AJ & Dibbs.

Heading up (with bursting lungs).

Approaching some old quarry.

Looking back down towards Brandywell, AJ & Sooze.

Old ruin, part of the quarry?.

At Low Moss?

Deer. Always a welcome sight.

Looking back towards High Dodd.

Same again but a bit further up.

Looking up towards the trig point.

Looking back at same trig point.

General view, pity itís so grey and dull.

Looking down towards Patterdale & Brothers water.

Looking towards Glenridding.

Starting to drop down, looking back up at Round How.

A few photos as I start to head down.



 Looking over the other side towards Beda Fell (our return route)

Heading down off Place fell, AJ doing his bum slide down.

Still heading down.

Approaching Boredale Hause.

Me with dorky hat on having a well deserved rest, notice that sneaky lexi trying to grab the snack in my hand?

Looking back at Place Fell.

Gulp! Looking down.

 General Views.

Now on top of Angletarn Pikes.

General view of the pikes.

Angle tarn.

Same again just a bit further away.

Looking at Heck Crag and the Bannerdale valley.

Looking back.

Place Fell from Beda fell.

Heck Crag.

John, Peakbagger and Sooz on one of the many stone cairns.

Looking back along our route.

Looking down at Bannerdale.

 Now looking down at the Boredale valley.

Not really sure where I am now but I was impressed.

Our route.

Looking back.

Group photo, minus AJ and Cheviot Stroller.

Looking forward, itís a pity that itís so grey and dull.

Not really sure about this.

Still heading down.


Looking down into Boredale.

Still making our way down.

Looking down at the old church at Martindale with its old yew tree.

Looking back up.

A few photos of the last bit.

Back on the road heading towards the cars ÖÖ.last look back.


This was my first group walk; I had a wonderful day so big thanks to every one.

Day after thoughts.

Should take a couple of Ibuprofen pills before bed and a couple first thing in the morning so I donít ache so much. (I wish!)

I shouldnít worry about walking with normal (two) legged people. But should explain that I canít speak much when descending as I have to concentrate on the ground.(cant speak much going up hill for that matter as I run out of breath) eh!

Even though the leg didnít misbehave I shouldnít leave it to the last minute and ďhopeĒ that things work out ok. (And shouldnít bother other people with my worries)

Take a selection of clothing and sort out what I need and leave the rest in the car (layering system)

But mostly I will have to stop being such an anti social walker; there are some very nice people out there who donít mind having a day walking at a slow pace.

Thank you.