DATE                                              26.07.11

DISTANCE                                    ABOUT 7 MILES

WEATHER                                    BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Ever since I had been up on Bannerdale Crags and looked up towards Blencathra its been bugging me, would it be possible for me to walk up to the summit and more importantly would I be able to get back down again?.

After searching the internet and asking various lake district hikers I came to the conclusion , providing the weather was right and I left myself plenty of time why not , the worse that could happen is that I couldnít make it and have to turn back .

So itís been top of my list for some time, now as chance would have it I was on my way across the Lake District to do a different low level walk, when I mentioned it to my walking partner Cheviot stroller who seemed very agreeable to the idea, the weather was right, we had plenty of time, so that was it ÖÖÖÖÖÖ.We where going for it.

There was no need to plan out the route as I had already plotted it out on my GPS  just in case , not that we really needed any aids as we would be following well defined paths up and back again .


We parked up in the small (free) car park by the Blencathra centre and off we went.

Our route would take us up the side of Blease Fell , where we would link up with what I think is known as the tourist path , from there the path zig and zags more or less to the summit at Knowe Crags  at this point we simply walked along the well defined path looking over the side at Gategill Fell , Middle Tongue , Halls fell, Hallsfell top ,Doddick Fell, past the tarn Crags , still peering over the edge at the very impressive Scales Tarn & Scales fell then the very scary Sharp edge , at this point we had to retrace our steps a bit and headed up to Atkinson Pike and then towards Foule Crag .

It was at this point that we had chosen to start our decent , I must admit the path did look scary as it dropped down at an alarming rate , however despite it dropping threw a scree field the path was very stable and gave good traction with very little slipping . From here we continued onto Mungrisdale Common, which gave me the chance to catch my breath after the scary decent. we stayed on the footpath , which was more like a sheep trail crossing over Sinen Gill , slowly heading down finally crossing over Roughten Gill and joining an old track which lead us round the side of Blease Fell and back to the car .


As per normal a few photos, as it the first time I have been up here I could have some of the names wrong.


First photo looking back right at the start on Blease Fell.

Further up looking back.

Looking across at what I believe is Lonscale Fell.

The path heading up, it is hard work in places.

Cheviot Stroller just coming into view after stopping to snap a few photos of her own.

As we get higher the views really start to open up before us.

More views in a different direction (sorry not even going to guess the names).

Not much I can say is there pure magic and itís free.

Now on the man made path looking back down.

Made it to the top blease Fell, Standing at Knowe Crags looking at our route, at this point I was totally gobsmacked, words canít describe the sheer beauty of this ridge.

Not really sure where I am now, but the view from peering over the edge.

At this point we decided to have a sit down and take in all the views, I took advantage of this to Redon my arty leg after a quick check that every thing was all right & arty wanted his photo taken.

A few more as we slowly make our way across stopping to look over the side.





 Cheviot Stroller having a look-see.

And what a view it is.

Looking back along the ridge and path.

A few more photos as we wander along.


Again looking back at our route.


Peering over the edge again.

Back again.

Blencathra summit (donít know why there isnít a cairn or trig point)

Looking ahead fantastic eh!

A small tarn right on top, sorry donít know its name.

Looking down towards Scales tarn.

Scales Tarn look at the colour.

And again, words cannot describe how happy I am at this point, feel really pleased with myself.

Showing Sharp Edge.

And again (very scary)

The Monument on Atkinson Pike.

Peering over the edge.

The Cairn on Foule Crag (I think)

On our way down now the back of Foule Crag.

Looking back up, itís a lot steeper than it looks.

Now on Mungrisdale Common looking back.

The way ahead, I think that we followed a sheep trail at this point (not that it mattered)

Still on our way down crossing over Sinen Gill.

Looking across the valley as we make our way down.

Nearly at the bottom.

Now on the track, this track will take us back to the car at the Blencathra Centre.

Looking across towards Lonscall Fell.

Small water falls on the Roughing Gill?

Looking across again.

Looking down the valley.

Yet another waterfall bet this is impressive when the weather turns icy cold.

Looking down towards the Glenderaterra Beck?


Just starting to leave the valley the general view that greeted us.

The way ahead with lovely views.

More views as we walk back.

Nearly back, it was at this point I donít think that either of us wanted to end this walk.

Thank you