DATE                                      15.08.11


DISTANCE                             ABOUT 9 MILES



Blencathra & Bowscale

My better half & her sister decided that they were going into Keswick shopping for the day (ugh!) I on the other hand would sooner watch paint dry & poke myself in the right eye with a sharp stick so after some serious snivelling by me, she agreed that they would drop me off at the Blencathra centre first thing and then pick me up later on at the pub at Mungrisdale, good result, my bother in law decided that he would give Keswick a miss as well and joined me.(what is it with women and shopping?)

The route was simple straight to the top from the centre up Blease Fell passing Knowe crags along Blencathra to Foule Crags then down to the edge of Mungrisdale Common cut across to have a look-see at Bannerdale Crags then up to Bowscale Fell, Tarn Crags down to Bowscale Tarn then a wander back to Mungrisdale . All in about nine miles give or take a few meters.

Weather wise, nice and sunny with a few fast moving showers.

As per norm a few photos: - enjoy

Taken from where my better half kicked us out the car with words like dont be late . eh! late for what!

Part way up Blease fell , stopping to catch my breath (if I remember rightly I stopped quite a bit )

Looking across to Derwent Water &possibly Cat bells

I think that I am looking towards Lonscale Fell, with a few locals doing what they do best .

Now on whats know as the tourist path , as it zig and zags upwards .

Looking back down at all the zigs and zags (to be honest it does make my life that little bit easer walking on this )

Now at Knowe Crags (I think) looking over the edge

The route ahead , still got a bit of uphill to do by the looks of things.


Again peering over the side .

A few photos as we wander along to the top .

What can I say after much puffing and panting here I am sitting by the rather strange sumitt marker ,I would also like to go on and say that I made my brother in law wait till my head turned back from bright red to normal before I let him take this photo.

Now looking down towards Scales tarn.

Looking towards the cairns on Foule Crags where we will drop over the side and loss some height , I will again be honest and say that I wasnt looking forward to this small bit . 

Part way down and I very pleased to say that I havent fallen over yet.

Made it down off the stony path and back on the nice soft grassy stuff , if I fall here it wont hurt so much (yes I know that I am a bit of a wimp at times but if you spent as much time as I do falling over you would understand)

Taken at max zoom looking at the people crossing Sharp Edge .

Same again but with the zoom back at normal .

A couple of views.

Looking at what I think is the back of Foule Crag.

Now on our way to Bannerdale Crags looking back to Blencathra .

Looking over the edge .

Now on Bowscale Fell , there are two stone cairns up here , not sure why .

Looking back towards Blencathra .

Now looking down at Bowscale Tarn and time for us to start heading down.

David (brother in law ) fearlessly leading the way .

Bowscale tarn.

Looking down towards the river Caldrew.

Now back on the road looking towards Mosedale with Carrock fell behind it .

Now heading down the road towards the pub at Mungrisdale last look back .

A good days walking , so much better than shopping .