DATE                                              10.06.11

WEATHER                          GREY WITH SUNNY SPELLS

DISTANCE                           9 MILES GIVE OR TAKE A FEW FEET



Before I get too carried away with this trip report I would like to say a big thank you to John (Brandywell)  ÖÖ first of all for posting the photo that caught my eye and, more importantly, for taking the time and trouble to give me all the local info that I needed just to even attempt to get into the area, so big thanks John, without your advice I most likely would have ended up stuck on some unsuitable path totally broken & waiting to be found.

So this was it, nothing to most people but a huge thing for me.  I was off to the lakes for the day.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I tend to avoid the lakes for several reasons, one being that there tends to be a lot of folk walking there and I am a bit of a miserable unsociable old git with the social skills of a dead frog and the terrain tends to do its best to make my life as difficult as possible, not a good combination.

However having been given all the local info I just had to go.  I didnít have any route planned, this was more of a 'look-see' to see what future trips I might be able to do.  However the one thing I really wanted to do is see the view from where John took his photo that started this in the place.

My plan, park up in the small village of Mungrisdale.  I threw a couple of £s in the honesty box (well worth it for a days parking) and off.  I set off up the stone track, for anyone who is interested I really have trouble walking on this type of surface as the loose small rocks/stone cause my arty foot to do strange thing that cause me to fall over quite a bit.  However this time I was prepared, the hiking poles came out, I was now in 4 limb drive ÖHA...  The stone track slowly turned into a well worn path then into a grass track (much better for me) and slowly made its way up the side of the tongue, towards what I think is Bowscale Fell, itís a bit of a long uphill plod but the scenerary is, well   ............... breathtaking.

By this time my lungs were in overdrive trying to keep me breathing, I really do need to get fitter.  To solve this problem I decided to have a sit down and rest for a while.  Slowly my breathing got back to normal and I think my head returned to its normal colour, time to press on.  Then suddenly I was on Bowscale Fell, joy no more up hill for a while, I instantly loved this Fell - its wet, grassy and a bit boggy in places just like my Cheviots.  I was a very happy boy at this time.  I saw straight away where John had taken his photo and tried to capture the same shot, however things had been going my way so far now it was time for my luck to change.  Yes the heavens opened up, gone was the blue sky now it was dark wet and grey.  That didnít matter I was here and having fun.  I decided to head up along Bannerdale Crags following the footpath along the edge.  Had a look-see over the far end then followed the hill round looking for future routes, either up or down from here.  From there I followed it round, positively gob smacked at the sight of Blencathra.  Still on the same ridge, I followed it round towards Mungrisdale Common.  It was at this point I saw a path coming down off Blencathra, it was grassy and didnít look too steep.  This really got me thinking IF (very big if) I could get to top of Blencathra, perhaps I could come down this way (something I am seriously thinking about).  Anyway, full of hope, I now headed off towards the summit of Bowscale Fell where I stopped for lunch, as there are two cairns I had to stop at both (just to keep everything fair).  From there I made my way along to Tarn Crags where there was a path down, however John had already warned me about the state of this path so I decided to carry on till I met up with a nice grassy quad bike track down (much better for me).  Whilst I was in the area I wandered up to this tarn (Bowscale).  I donít really know how to describe it, its beautiful, I think that I will return here later (I've booked a week at a local campsite) with my better half for a picnic one evening or something. (I know Iím really a softy).

Anyway back to the walk, from this point I simply followed the stone path (something that caused me no end of trouble) I really do dislike loose stone paths,  back to Bowscale then I walked back along the road back to Mungrisdale.  As much as I prefer not to walk on roads this road was quiet and it enabled me to stretch out my aching leg.

I think I did about nine miles or so.

As per normal a few photos - enjoy.

Taken just after I left the village of Mungrisdale.


Where the path crosses a small burn just before the long plod upwards.

Heading up looking towards Bannerdale Crags.


Looking back down the Tongue.

 Just got onto Bowscale Fell, first view of Blencathra (wow).


Bit further along (note the wet boggy bits, makes me feel right at home).


Looking back down at my route up.


 Eh! by this time my arty leg was starting to bite my arse so, as there was no one around, I decided to let the air get to it.


 Still heading along Bannerdale.

Looking back towards Bowscale.



Quick look over the edge.

Nothing to be said about this, I know it means nothing to most people but I am thrilled just to be here.

Looking down I believe that path will take you to Scale Tarn, however never having been here before, I could be wrong.

Now looking up at the side of Blencathra I can see a path, I am seriously thinking of having a go at reaching the summit of this mountain and returning down this way (just got to do a bit of research first) and find some mug eh I mean kind person to come with me!!

Heading towards the cairns on Bowscale Fell (looking back).

And again.

Two cairns on Bowscale.

This is the view that itís all about.

Rain (again).

Not sure what I am looking at undercrag? Mungrisdale?

A distant high Pike.

 Above Tarn Crags.

Bowscale Tarn from above.

Heading down Tarn Crags (the easy way).


Bowscale Tarn.


Rain heading my way.

On the road heading back (Ravens Crag?)

Looking back at Carrock Fell?


Approaching Mungrisdale.

 Thank you.



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