DATE                                   20.11.12

DISTANCE                         ABOUT 8 MILES

WEATHER                        GREY AND WINDY


A grey return to church point

Todayís walk was going to be another beach type of walk, the reason for this is that both me and my long suffering walking partner Carey Burn are still feeling a bit under par, me with my doggy stump that seems to be behaving itself at the moment, but its still not right, and Carey burn is still nursing a very poorly leg. And has no choice but to take it very easy.

So we both agreed to a nice easy walk and with the weather being really rubbish we decided to stick to local.

So it was Church point (I believe that I had already done this walk this year but that doesnít really matter) itís getting out that counts and itís always a good day with Carey Burn.

As normal times and places where sorted and off we went. Being local it didnít take long to get there and we went into our normal routine, which is gear on and most importantly coffee, Its getting close to that time of year where I start to think that I should take the jet boil with me so we can get a hot drink any time we want rather than leave it in the car for when we get back. I decided to leave it this time but will take it in future.

The sky was dull and grey, but no rain at the moment but we both knew that sooner or later it would start, same as the wind it was gusty but not to bad but again we both fully expected that to change. So it was a case of making sure the waterproofs where packed for when it came.

The route was simple, leave the free car park walk down towards the beach and link up with the coastal path and head north, this path run alongside the golf course and the dunes it isnít that bad but most people tend to head straight for the beach so it is a bit overgrown in places but nothing to get excited about. Eventually the path gets better and itís very easy to walk along.

The path which mostly follows along the small cliff edge gives excellent views of the sea and beach but to be honest with it being a grey day there wasnít anything to see really.

Eventually we got to Church point at Almouth bay, where we stopped for lunch in the old ruin, naturally it started to rain and out came the coats, after lunch it was a quick trip to the top to have a look at the cross then down onto the beach for the return leg.

Fortunately the tide was well out so we managed the return trip  along the beach , there is a couple of spots where the sand turns into a rocky shelf that requires a  few careful steps up as it tends to be slippery but other than that itís a very easy walk back .

As we approached the turn off to where the car was parked , the sky started to brighten up so after asking each other if ďthingsĒ are alright we carried on down to Amble .(Things being my stumpy leg and Carey Burns doggy leg) .

This added a couple of miles on but again very easy walking, and being the old sad people that we are, where delighted when the sun came bursting out of the clouds and where treated to a brilliant setting of the sun with a lovely set sunset .what better way to end the walk, coffee in one hand and a brilliant red sky. Things donít get much better than that.

As normal a few photos enjoy.

Taken from the car park looking down towards the flats.


Our path runs alongside the golf course and the dunes.


The beach and its ww2 tank traps.


Looking further along the beach.


Now looking back along the beach towards a distant Amble.


Our route the coastal path.


On the mud flats looking toward Church point.


Ye old church (sorry I know nothing about it)


Side view, looking towards the small harbour at Alnmouth.


Through the window.


Same again.


Carey Burn heading towards the cross.


Looking down at the river Aln where it meets the sea.


A couple of happy Yay photos (I know we need help)


Me being totally stupid but I donít care.


Part way down looking back towards the mud flats.


Looking at the amount of drift wood there must have been a few storms to wash this amount up.


Looking back towards the cross.


Now on the beach looking back down the river.


The beach and our route back (at least we canít get lost on this.)


Looking back along the beach.




Looking ahead again and the wind is starting to pick up again.


Looking at the sand starting to blow.

Carey Burn with a bit of advertising.


The rocks at Birling Carrís.


Me and a baby Half Yay! (I really need some help)


Looking at the rocks.


Back at the Tank Traps.


Bird, donít know what type, it wasnít bothered by us at all.


Looking back down the beach.


Then blue sky and the sun suddenly appear.


The beach suddenly seems to come alive and doesnít seem so dull and boring.


Looking at Amble Harbour.


And the sun and clouds start to do ďthingsĒ.


And it starts to get dark.


A few photos as we walk back to the car.


Looking ahead itís bright.


Then as we get to the car we are treated to a wonderful sun set as we drink our coffee, looking over towards the ruined castle at Warkworth.  





Day After thoughts

I notice that I keep referring to walking along the beaches as easy, I think if the truth is know it not that easy to walk along miles and miles of sand , yes there are no tripping hazards , or I can spot the easily enough , but I certainly donít get much energy return from my Artificial leg / foot . I have also noticed that I tend to go up onto my toes on my good foot to compensate, not a problem at the moment but something that I will have to keep an eye on.

As for aches and pains ÖÖÖ..home , gear sorted and hot shower seemed to work BUT  I will admit to being a bit stiff this morning , after a cup of coffee and a couple of pill and a bit of movement I seemed ok .

Stumpy leg wise no painful reminders but it still doesnít feel right when I am walking ÖÖÖÖ.only time will tell I suppose so I will continue taking the crutches with me. Thanks