DATE                                 06.09.11

DISTANCE                        ABOUT 5 MILES

WEATHER                        SOME VERY HEAVY SHOWERS


Todayís walk was another walk around the Elterwater area, something that I was looking forward to after all the rain that we had been having, I fully expected to see the waterfalls in full flow, but what I didnít expect was all the flooding that went with it, we had to make quite a few short detours off the path to avoid getting our boots filled up with water , in fact it was that bad we couldnít even use the main car park and ended up parking off road just before the village of Elterwater.

The plane was for a nice easy days walking and to be honest thatís what we got , there wasnít any big hills to go up or down today , just lots of things to look at .

I wonít describe the route as you can see it by looking at the map.

As normal a few photos.

Taken from where we parked up looking towards the Langdales .

Looking at the Langdale beck .(last time I was here it was hardy a trickle)

A bit further along looking towards where the beck has burst its banks.

Looks like there is some large scale flooding.

This is the path we where walking along , I have walked in streams with less water in them .

Looking across towards what I think is Pike of Blisco.

Looking towards Little Langdale Tarn.

Looking towards what I think are the Tilberthwaite Fells.

A very heavy shower heading our way.

Looking down to Slater"s Bridge.

More of the flooded areas.

But looking at the ground it looks like the water is on its way back to normal levels.

But the level is still high , good job we didnt come a day earler as the bridge looked like it was covered.

A few photos of the bridge and the flooded area.

Our next stop was Cathedral Cave .

The view from outside the cave.

More signs that th e river has burst its banks.

Colwith force waterfall.

The views as we leave the wooded area.

Now on the road bridge at Skelwith , looking down at the swollen stream.

Time to stop off for a well deserved cream tea.

Our next point of intrest was theSkelwith falls .

Walking back along the river towards Elterwater , however we had to make quite a few detours as the stream had covered the path in many places.

Last time we was here I had my photo taken standing next to this tree.

A few more photos of the flooded areas as we make our way back.

thanks .


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