DATE                                                20.06.10

DISTANCE                                      ABOUT 7 .7 MILES

WEATHER                                       HOT AND SUNNY

START / FINISH                             CAR PARK AT BROADMOOR




As any one will tell you I haven’t had much success walking in the Lake District, I have always somehow managed to get on slopes that are far to steep to walk up or down safely or I always seem to find huge sections that are covered in lose scree which I find a nightmare to walk on, however even I must admit the scenery is absolutely fantastic. So whilst we where over there for a long weekend we decided to take no chances on the hills and would do a low level walk around one of the lakes.

WE decided on Ennerdale water, for several reasons, one hopefully it wouldn’t be too busy as some of the “big named lakes” are.

The route that we intended was just under  8 miles which suited us.      

And most importantly I had spoken to a lovely young lady about it who gave me some spot on advice about it (thanks dibble).

Anyway the walk, parked up in the car park Broadmoor (just down the road from Ennerdale Bridge). And basically followed a well worn path round the lake till we arrived back at the car.


First photo taken as we leave the car park looking towards the lake.


Looking back towards Crag Farm House.


Funny looking clouds.


 My better half (she is smiling so she must approve of this walk).

 The way forward various photos as we walk along the lake side.






 Looking back just before the tricky spot.


Now at a section know as Anglers Crag , there is a short climb up here , I managed it without to much difficulty , however it did seem to be a busy place suddenly the pathway way crowded I haven’t a clue where every one came from .


Looking along the path again. I should point out that just round the corner there is a small section where the path climbs up about 20 meters or so, this section proved to be extremely difficult for me as it was all very lose stone and I kept losing all traction with my arty foot.



Again looking forward, from this point on till we came to the grass fields at the end of the lake I found the path rather difficult to walk along as it was littered with stone & rocks which made it almost impossible for me to walk “normally”.


Looking back towards Anglers Crag. I am pleased that that section is over.


Stone wall running all the way to the top.


My better half.


Not really sure what is wrong with the bush it was covered in a white furry substance.

Dropping down onto the rock shore for a rest stop.



At the far end of the lake looking towards Bowness Knott and Great Borne (I think).


Still at the end but looking towards Anglers Crag and Crag Fell.


The way forward along the grassy path, I am looking forward to stretching my leg out after all the side stepping and stumbling my back is starting to complain at bit.


Looking back.


Crossing over the River Liza?


Looking across the lake towards Tewit How & long Crag Steeple??


Looking along the lake, with the water level being low it is possible to walk along the lake shore.


Looking across at Crag Fell?


Looking back along the lake, we have decided to leave the lake shore and start walking back along the track.


Now at Bowness, and I can’t believe that we are doing a brucie.


Looking back along the lake.



Again looking back towards Bowness Knott.


Same again but from further along.


Looking back again, I couldn’t help but notice how the lake water turned blue as the sky cleared.


Looking across towards Anglers Crag.


Nearly back to the start point last look back down the lake.

Ok last one.



 What a lovley walk this turned out to be .