DATE                                  23.05.09

DISTANCE                        ABOUT 8 MILES

WEATHER                         GREY TO START WITH


After my very successful walk at Surrender Bridge I was very keen to get abit further afield, I had seen lots of trip reports about the old ruins that where dotted about alongside Gunnerside Gill and the place itself looked amazing , so that was it sorted , I had done a huge amount of reading up and spent a fair amount of time looking at photos of the area and felt  confident that it was do able for me , the only down side was I was still on the Adaptive 2 microprocessor knee , which was a great knee , but it really really doesn’t like getting wet , I had tried all manner of things to try to keep it dry but somehow the rain or water always seemed to find its way into the electronics and cause me all sorts of problems . But it wouldn’t be the first time that it failed and I have always managed to get back ok so I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I did of course sent a silent prayer off to the weather gods in the hope that they would take pity on me and bless me with good weather but you know the gods they take no notice of us mere mortals.

I asked my better half if she would like to accompany me, and assured her that there were no big hills to climb but I always say that and I am certain that she really doesn’t believe me , however she said that she would see on the day and what the weather was like . We where staying on our favourite top secret camp site so we didn’t have to get up too early, anyway morning arrived I jumped up (well that’s not really true) I tend to be very sluggish till I have a cup of coffee and very carefully put my nose to the van window to have a look at the weather, grey ish low clouds didn’t look to promising , my better half promptly turned over and informed me , not to make to much noise and that she was going to spend the day relaxing , errrrrr isn’t walking a nice relaxing way to spend the day ?.

So that was it, breakfast made (by yours truly) bacon sarnie (very tasty) Yvonne even had one in bed then promptly turned over and started snoring (I know I spoil that girl at times) and off I went .

Parked up in one of the small but free car parks at Gunnerside, got the gear on and off I went, there was a lot that I wanted to see and some stuff that I wasn’t sure if I could even get to , so today it was a pure suck it and see walk .

One thing that soon became apparent was the sheer size of the valley, and its ruggedness really blew my mind and as the day went on things only got better.

As normal a few photos enjoy:-

Following Gunnerside Gill, nice grassy path to start with.


Entering the woods, the place smelt of wild garlic, the muddy path was a bit slippery at this point; I found out later that you can by pass the wooded section if you wanted to.


Boulder filled Gunnerside Beck.


Part of the old lead mine ruins, Sir Francis dressing floor.


Looking back.


Still following the beck more ruins on the other side.


I think that was part of an old boiler.


The path now slowly starts to climb up and gain a bit of height, nothing strenuous, but it gives a good impression of how big this valley promises to be.


Water fall on the other side, I think that this is known as Botcher Gill Nook.


The path slowly makes its way along the valley.


Then suddenly it opens up ……wow.


Looking across at some ruins on the other side.


The valley, if all goes well I hope to wander and mooch all along here today.


Approaching what I believe is Bunting mine and dressing floor.


A few photos of the old ruins.


My path heading down.


Looking back along my route.


Same again only a bit further along.


Looking down at the ruins at Blakethwaite. Where I hope to return to later.


Heading further up the gill.


Looking back.


More ruins.




My route.


Looking back.


At this point I am starting to get a bit concerned about the path it’s all but gone.


The Dams at Blakethwaite, (something I had come to see)

A few photos as I get closer.

At the dam looking back.


Last look back at the dam and waterfall.

It was at this point where I planned to cross over the Gill but as there was a lot of water flowing and I didn’t want to get my microprocessor leg wet I decided to cut back a different way .

Starting to cut down to Blakethwaite ….gulp!

Lose stone just what I need!!!.

Looking back up.

Made it without any falls (mick does happy boy dance)


Heading towards the ruins and where I can cross over.


A few photos of the ruins.


Looking up the beck where I was earlier on.


The peat store and looking down the valley.


Looking back.


Looking across to the other side of the valley where I was earlier on.


Bunting mine.


The well used track that will take me back to Gunnerside.


The waterfall at Botcher Gill.


Looking across to the other side of the valley.


Again looking back and across towards the ruins at Bunting mine, this landscape is very impressive in its own way.


Looking down the valley towards Gunnerside and home.


Day after thoughts.

No aches or pains after this walk and I must admit I wasn’t disappointed the sheer size and scale of this place takes some getting used to. My better half Yvonne would have liked this walk so a return visit is on the cards .