DATE                              26.06.12

DISTANCE                     8.3 MILES



Putting something to bed.

One day I will go out for a normal walk, for no other reason other than a goods days walking in an area that I want to be, however todayís walk wasnít going to be one of these , after my last failed attempt to do this walk due to the high winds and me being a bit of a wimp itís being  like a thorn in my side , not that I have ever had a thorn in my side , as a kid I have had a few thorns in my hands ,knees ect but never my side so Iím only guessing it would be like that .

Any way E mailís where exchanged with my long suffering walking partner, times and pick up where agreed and off we went.

But before I start on the route I will share an important lesson that I learnt. I finally splashed out and got some new rechargeable batteries for my GPS I had been using the same one for years and years, they had never let me down, but I noticed that they no longer lasted 3 full days they where getting close to two full days before they died and needed recharging, so feeling flush I splashed out.

First thing I noticed was when I put the new ones in the GPS was the power indicator only went half way eh! New batteries that need charging? I started to have some concerns about now. However I put them on charge and charged them fully. But when I came to use the GPS the batteries only lasted for the first 90 minutes of the walk then died. I was not impressed; fortunately Yvonne had another set in her bottomless ruck sack.

Since then I have rung the customer support of the manufactures and they informed me that they need to be charged for 24 hours (didnít say anything like that on the packet) and it must be one of there chargers .    Only time will tell but I think they are useless, I wonít say any more about them until I have tested them out.

But the moral of this is test stuff out before you go out into the wilds.


Getting back to the walk. We parked up at the free car park at Brothers water and went into our normal routine , gear on , coffee and lots of talking about what where and any other crap that might be relevant in  the world in general , we  was going to sort out the euro crises but couldnít be arsed and off we went .

Our route started along the road, this gives me the chance to settle into arty leg before we head off road and into rough ground, as a rule I donít like walking along the road but it was only ten minutes or so.

We left the road at Bridgend and started on the long uphill section of Hartsop above How, the weather was good, but the forecast was that it was going to turn wet later on that day, so I think we both kept an eye on the distant clouds, I was feeling both nervous and excited as we started gaining a bit of height, then we came to Bleaberry Knott, this was it.

up we go.

I wasnít sure if I could manage the short climb / scrabble , but as it turned out I was worried about nothing , and Yvonne shot up it like a rat up a drain pipe. I was going to say like a ferret up a trouser leg but I donít know what Yvonne is like when it comes to getting into trousers So that was that, we where on a roll, one of the things that became apparent as we walked along was the boggy bits with all the recent rain it was very wet & boggy in places.

The views :- walking along this ridge it was possible to see down into both the dovedale & deepdale valleys, at one point I didnít think we would ever do this walk as we where constantly stopping, pointing taking photos and looking at other distant pathways marked into the hills and sorting out possible future walks .

Then we came to the last climb up towards the summit of Hart Crag, OMG what on earth had I let myself in for?

Sitting down and having a breather a little way up towards the summit.

This finally bit was to be honest well out of my league the path was impossible steep and was a mixture of lose rock and stone something that I really have trouble with throw in the steepness of it , I just knew that I was in for some serious grief , however it was that or turn back and wimp out . One look from Yvonne and the silent threat of get up there or I will slap you stupid was enough and with words like ďthis is going to be a bit of a challenge ďoff I went, sometime after the third step up I think my lungs stopped working, I believe that I past out twice possible died once I do remember laying down with yvonne giving me a good kicking with words like get up there you wimp or I get cross with you, so I crawled my way up anything was better than getting a kicking off Yvonne. Sometime later I do remember stopping and peering back down, thinking YES Iím DOING IT just before I clasped again .But slowly I worked my way up, then the lose rock and shale got bigger and firmer so I could at least get some grip on it and I positively shot (staggered) up to the summit , I forgot at this point that I donít do uneven rock very well.

yvonne waiting me ."just a little bit more then you have made it to the top".

Yvonne was waiting and soon started to point out various bits and pieces on various routes then the weather gods struck, they must have been pissed that I was still alive and had a stupid grin on my face as they dropped the cloud and introduced the rain.

We quickly decided to head down towards Dove Crag where we would stop for lunch and get out of the wind and rain. But first I had to get down over the rocky surface, something that only a few months ago would have caused me to have endless sleepless nights, well if the truth is known I was still a bit concerned but sometimes you donít really have much choice in these matters it was a case of get down there or get a slapping off yvonne. so down we went , we found  a sheltered spot , and had lunch , then remembering my last walk up the cheviots and how my leg got wet and kept slipping off I decided to put my waterproofs on including dorky sun hat .

Me in all my gear.(looking like a proper walker) I slowly boiled as the day wore on.

Now I must say I looked like a real proper walker, and was quite impressed with how the water was beading rather than just soaking into my gear. But I had forgotten how the long trousers restricted my movement with arty limb and caused the material to get caught in the moving parts making my life that little bit more interesting.

I managed to keep the trousers on for a couple of miles , but the constant fear of not seeing whatís happening  with the knee unit and the fact that I was being cooked alive made me take them off .

With the weather slowly but surely closing in we continued on our walk across to Black Brow then up to little Hart Crag from there I did what I normally do and decided that a route change was in order and instead of dropping down via the Scandale pass we would be proper walkers and get down from High Hartsop Dodd, what a decent that was, every thing that I have nightmares about steep, wet grassy, the hill just seemed to go on for ever but I loved it , I was totally knackered , was expecting to get a right good kicking off yvonne once we made it to the bottom I fact I deserve a good spanking for even suggesting it . we finally made it to the bottom and boy was I happy , I couldnít believe that I had managed it , not only that but I felt confident and in control all the way down , but the price was my stump was sore , a quick off with the leg and sort stuff out and all was fine no damage done ,

I was very tired now but it was a simple stroll alongside brotherís water back to the car to a well deserved cup of coffee.

Pity the weather wasnít at its best, but once again it was a brilliant walk and I feel that I /we really achieved something. And really looking forward to the next walk.

3010 feet of ups and down and about 8.3 miles.

As normal a few photos enjoy.

Yvonne on the lower slopes .

A few photos of the route :-

Looking up towards Kirkstone Pass.

Looking back at one of the walls we climbed over .

Looking back down the lower slopes of Hartsop above How.

Just before the short climb up Bleaberry Knott we crossed over to the other side to see if we could go round it .

Whilst we where there a photo of Brothers water.

Deepdale Valley.

Where we are heading if all go"s well.

Taken at max zoom looking down towards the bottom end of Kirkstone Pass.

Our route ahead.

Again look towards the pass.

Looking back towards  distant Place fell &Angletarn Pikes.

The head of Deepdale.

Our path.

Looking back and down the Deepdale valley.

Looking across Dovedale at High Hartsop dodd.

Not really sure what i am looking at here.

Looking down Dovedale, we spotted a couple of well used paths , so another visit could be on the cards.

I think that I am looking at the step or Greenhow end. whatever it is its very impressive.

A sudden dip in the ground shows Dovedale again.

Same again.

Our route.

Looking back at Dovedale.

Our route.

Sorry I havent got a clue what I am looking at now.

Same again but closer.

I think that I am looking at the step now.

Yvonne .

Last look down at Deepdale.

Now the path gets starts getting a bit tricky as it heads up towards Hart Crag.

One showing me about to have a long overdue rest , looking all the way down Hartsop above How ridge.

The path mostly  lose stone , this really made life hard for me as I dont have system that allows me to walk up on this stuff.

Yet another rest stop and a photo showing how the weather is starting to turn misty.

Yvonne leading the way , by this time I was puffing and panting , but at least the stone path  had some solid rock now so i could start to walk again.

Looking back down .

Looking across.

Hart Crag .

With the weather starting to close in we decided to head down towards Dove crag and find some place for lunch .

Here come the weather , looking back up to Hart Crag.

Dove Crag ?

There is a lake or somthing hidden in the low cloud , sorry I dont know what it is.

Now on a nice grassy path that will take us down to link up with Scandale pass.

Due to the low level cloud I couldnt be sure of what I am looking at now.

Same shot but only closer.

Looking towards Little Hart Crags and our next stop.

Scandale Tarn.

One of the Stone cairns on Little Hart Crag.

A really nice easy grass path that will take us to High Hartsop Dodd then down to Brothers water.

With the clag all around there isnt really much to see , but each time it cleared a bit we took a few photos, at this point I couldnt belive how high we where , as we had been coming downhill most of the afternoon.

Part way down , and another break in the cloud , however the rain has started now.

Me , I was having some problems with this downhill section and required lots of stops trying to pick out a good route down .

Still heading down , it goes on for ever.

Part way down , looking back up and yes its raining.

Still heading down , it goes on for ever.

Yet another rest stop , looking back up.

Me .

Looking back up.

Yvonne leading the way , nearly at the bottom now , my arty leg was really giving me hard times now , I tell myself get to the stone barn and I will sort arty leg out.

Made it, looking back up towards a hidden sumitt. I will be honest at this point and say I am wrecked , both pyhsically and mentally .

Day after thoughts.

Pity about the weather but thats the lakes for you.

Always test gear out first , the batteries failing  could have created a huge problem if we had relied on them alone, as it was we had spairs and the old system of map and compass had we needed it.

I was totally knackered by the time we got back on level ground , my good leg was screaming at me letting me know that I had over done it again and wasnt pleased with me at all.

my normal plan of a couple of pills before shower and bed , helped but I was sore first thing in the morning  , and it took most of the day before I was getting back to normal . yep I had overdone it big time , but I would do it again if I got the chance . and if the truth is known it really did push me that little bit harder than what I was used to , which is a good thing isnt it ?.