DATE                                        29.02.12

DISTANCE                         10.8 MILES GIVE OR TAKE A LITTLE BIT

WEATHER                         GREY WET & LOW CLOUD


Some time ago I had a walk around the beautiful Ennerdale water, my walking ability wasnít really up to much but I can remember looking up at the crags thinking how I would really like to get up there and see the views from the top looking down, at the time I stored it away thinking that wont happen any time soon , then  some time later  by chance I saw a trip report that had another easer route to those distant crags , I contacted the person and  as normal he came up with the info.

over the last year or so I have come to rely on his local knowledge of the lakes and often use his web site for gathering info link :-                  

John is very helpful and full of local knowledge  and due to his kindness has done a lot to help me overcome my natural fear of the Lakeland fells.

If you have a few spare minutes and love the lakes his site is well worth a look

Anyway back to the walk, armed with loads of local knowledge  off I went , I would be doing this walk on my own so I really didnít want to mess up , I had only just got back into some sort of fitness level (admittedly  very low ) but you have to start someplace.

On arriving I got off to a very bad start , fell ponies where blocking the road , I sat in the car they stood looking at me , I sent pleading stare ďplease moveĒ they totally ignored me , I was about to beep my horn at them when another car came to my rescue and a young lass got out and firmly lead them off the road giving each one a firm smack on the rump and a kind word .(what a brave girl myself I was content to wait them out I mean they have huge  teeth and hoofs )

Soon after I parked up and set off, the first thing I noticed was how the weather people had once again got it wrong again, and the sky was grey and threatening, not that I am bothered by a bit of rain, but I was here for the views and the last thing I wanted was for the clouds to drop.

I will post a map of the route I did so can see for yourself  and even though the clouds came down with a vengeance I cant even begin to explain how happy I was just to get in that area ,

It was cold & wet and at times I couldnít see 20 foot around me but some part of me singing...Yes I am getting better and back to normal , a brilliant day , even if I did get soaked

As per norm a few photos, itís just a shame the weather didnít share my enthusiasm.

Taken up Heckbarley looking back down towards the car at Scaly Moss


Looking up towards Grike


Half way up Grike, the cloud is starting to drop, so its time for me to pull my finger out and get a move on


The two? Stone cairns on Grike


Can just about see the end of Ennerdale water (I think) not really sure at this stage


Looking over the other side of the hill at what could be black pots forest (just a guess)


Now at Crag fell, I nearly burst my lungs getting here I so wanted to reach this spot before the cloud closed in.


The cairn on crag fell (I am secretly feeling very pleased with myself for just getting here)

A few photos whilst I wait for a break in the clouds, I hung around here for the best part of an hour hoping that the sun would come out; I bet the views are something stunning from up here.


 Its time for me to make a move, the weather is just getting worse now .my way down to the woods


The path in the woods to say that it water logged is an understatement


For the next part of this walk I follow the wall up to Boahow Crag where I am still hoping that the cloud will lift and I can get some good photos.


Part way up and its not looking good


And itís a bit wet underfoot


Then just for a split second the cloud parts and I think that is Sellafield


I think that this cairn is at Boathow Crag but to be honest I havenít really got a clue where I am when I took this photo


Being a super type of person and refusing to be beaten I decide  to press on to Iron Crag still hoping that I might get some good photos, even though I donít have a clue whatís up there  this is all I can see at the moment .


And this


Then again a tantalising glimpse of something


After my GPS beeps at me and inform me I have reached iron crags and still canít see anything I decide to call it a day and head back towards Whopa, itís still wet underfoot.


A parting of the cloud and


I think that is the summit of Whoap (not really sure as I havenít seen anything for sometime)


On my way down and is the cloud starting to lift?


Yes now that I am nearly finished the cloud decides to go, I think that I am looking at Heckbarley or even Grike


One of the locals, and again I think that I am looking towards Lank Rigg, I was planning to bag that hill but didnít bother because you couldnít see bugger all.


Now coming down to one of the small beck that feeds into the river Calder (or it might even be the Calder)


It was at this point that I made a bad mistake , I should have just walked straight across the ford , my boots and socks  where soaking so it wouldnít have made any difference , but for some strange  reason I tried to cross by stepping on the rocks , it is something that I cant do , and even more annoying I know that I cant do it and yes big splash and I fell over , the few sheep that where around run off having a good giggle to themselves , and well I was wet , no big deal its not that far to the car now and I have a change of cloths in the boot.


Last couple of photos of the path back down and along to Scaly Moss

what can you say the lakes and the weather


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