DATE                                01.09.12

WEATHER                      BRIGHT AND DRY

DISTANCE                      ABOUT 10 MILES


Todayís walk was over the lakes again in the Lowswater area, an area that I havenít been before, so I was a bit concerned that the terrain might be a bit too rough for me to handle.

The plan was to park up in Lowswater and do a nice circular route crossing over the Mosedale Beck (which nearly turned into a swimming lesson) head up to little Dodd then up to Hen comb from there head down and across Whiteoak moss (which turned into a thankless bog trot) from there up gravel fell onto blake fell then over burrnbank fell then cut down and joined a lovely track which run along the top of holme wood round the side of Carling Knott to high nook farm then back towards the car , stopping briefly at the pub. About ten miles give or take a few meters. See map for full details.

Weather the day started off overcast with a haze which didnít make for good photos but as the day went on the sun came out and we were treated to a glorious later afternoon / evening.

The hills round here are very similar to the Cheviots , i.e. grassy with heather growing in places which makes walking a bit easier for me , however the views ÖÖ.. Stunning is the only word I can use.

I will be returning to this area a few more times when I get time.

As per normal a few photos enjoy.

First photo taken from the car looking at Mellbreak .


Yvonne (Cheviot stroller) crossing over the Mosedale Beck, she made a much better job of crossing than me (I nearly fell in)


Now on the lower slopes of Little Dodd with Hen Comb in the distance


Still heading towards Little Dod summit


Looking over the side at Lowswater and our route back (if all goes well)


Getting near the top of Hen Comb (I think my lungs collapsed at this point) it was a bit on the steep side for a few meters


At the cairn of Hen Comb, I think, we had a cream cake stop up here thanks Yvonne.


On the way down looking across towards Crummock water (I think)


Still on my way down looking towards Great Borne (I think)

Still On my way down not really sure what I am looking at but itís impressive.


Now on the bog trotting section White oak Moss , it was wet and very slow going for me , I found this bit really hard work , at times there wasnít even a path to follow , must be really fun in the middle of winter .


Starting to climb up at bit on Gravel Fell looking across at Hen Comb (I think)


At the cairn on Gravel Fell


Looking up at Blake Fell our next hill top


Still heading up (and panting for breath)


Getting near the top and peering over the side at Knock Murton and Cogra Moss


A few photos from the top, I wonít even try to guess what hills are what, but with the cloud breaking up and a glimpse of sunlight the lakes seem to change their appearance from dull and grey to eh! Well warm and inviting. We stopped and got the map out here and attempted to identify all the fells but somehow I think we didnít get many right.

Looking towards burnBank fell, our next point.

Looking back

Time to think about heading down now

Looking at the side of Carling Knott

Looking down towards Loweswater, it gets a bit steep dropping down here

Still heading down

Yep itís a bit on the steep side, still its grass

Now on a lovely grass track heading towards Holm Woods

A few photos as we walk along this section

Last bit of downhill now heading towards the burn crossing and back towards where we left the car.


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