DATE                              14.11.12         

DISTANCE                     ABOUT 5 MILES

WEATHER                     GREY BUT DRY


Low Newton

After much thinking (note the smoke coming out of my ears) I decided to have yet another test walk “just to make certain that I didn’t suffer the agonising pain that I had been getting in my stump”.

And why not e – mail my long suffering walking partner Carey Burn to see if she was up for a small easy walk. Like me she was having a rest period after buggering up her leg on a walk in Wales someplace.

As luck would have it she had the same brain wave, so dates, times and meeting places where quickly decided and that was it sorted.

As I mentioned we where both “walking wounded “ (sounds good ) so it had to be flat , easy and why not stop off at a nice pub for some lunch ……………..the small but friendly pub at low Newton “the ship Inn” sprang to mind so that was it . Low Newton and a small walk around that area were agreed upon.

Once again nothing was set in stone distance wise, and along with all my kit I would take my “walking crutches “strapped to the back of the ruck sack just in case things went wrong.

On the drive up we decided on a route. And promised to be truthful if either of us started getting any aches or pains ……………unlike Carey burn who would carry on regardless I am a wimp and wanted her to know that this could turn into the shortest walk in history.

On arriving and parking up at Newton Links we went into our usual routine of coffee and start putting the world to rights, our route was very simple a short easy walk along the coastal path to the Ship Inn, lunch then a small walk to Snook Point, just to add a bit of distance more than anything then a walk back along the coastline to Newton haven then it was down onto the beach for the rest of the walk along the lovely beach at Embleton  unfortunately the tide was right in and part way back we had to climb up off the beach to join the coastal path again .

This turned out to be a mixed blessing as I find walking over dry lose sand rather hard and I could see that Carey Burn had started to develop a slight limp , yes its was better to get off the lose sand and onto a nice firm path back to the car .

I should be honest and say it was whilst climbing up off the beach that I felt that something wasn’t right with my stump, nothing to get excited about but another warning that it’s still pissed with me for some reason.

Weather wise ok started bright but as the day wore on a lot of grey clouds put in an appearance but no rain.

Other than that a good day out in the fresh air , with no real problems and yes between Carey Burn and myself we did put the world to right again .

As normal a few photos ….enjoy.

Taken from where we parked up at Newton links (Dunstan Steads).


At the “Skith” one of my favourite stopping places looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle.


Same again but on max zoom.


Carey burn doing a “happy yay” pose


Yep!! I look stupid and don’t care.


Now being very silly and a brucie. (Yes I know I need help)


Now up on Embleton links looking down at Embleton Bay.


Looking towards the rocks at “Emblestone”.


Same again with one of the many beach huts in view.


Looking over the nature reserve ponds towards Newton by the sea.


Taken from one of the bird hides on the nature reserve.


Looking at the small beach at Newton Haven.


Not really sure what I am looking at here. (North Sea?)


First sight of Beadnell Bay.


The small beach at “Football Hole” (don’t ask I don’t know why)


Looking up at Newton point (arty farty shot)


Looking up along the coast towards Beadnell


Same again.


Funny / strange clouds the photos don’t capture them very well.


A couple of the rocky coastline.


A few more photos mostly looking towards the castle as we make our way back.


Day after thoughts.

No aches or pains this morning, but it really was a slow easy walk so nothing to be pleased about.

Only a couple of “things” happening with my stump but nothing to get worked up about...I think its time to start upping my game a bit and picking out some harder routes just to make sure stumpy is ok with it.