DATE                                27.09.2010

DISTANCE                         NONE REALLY

WEATHER                        WET



Mooching around on a bad day  

Sometimes when I am asked how's  it going with regards to Arty leg ? I always answer “ok…… you know good and bad days” well today was one of those bad days , I knew that from the moment I put arty leg on & I know from previous experience that taking it off changing my seal in liner and trying a thousand and one other things nothing will work and I’m in for a rough day where even the most basic thing is going to be a right pain in the arse , fortunately me and my better half Yvonne are away in  our little van which is a good thing  as I tend to be more chilled out and relaxed about things plus there isn’t really any work or jobs to be done .

I hadn’t planned any walks for today as the weather forecast was for non stop rain and guess what! It was (what a surprise the forecast was right) so it wasn’t like I would have to cancel a planned walk because of arty causing me grief so all in all my mood wasn’t as bad as what it could be plus I am slowly learning getting uptight about it really doesn’t help .

Now this will make me sound a really bad person but there is nothing I love more than sleeping in the van listening to the rain on the roof I find it very relaxing , I’m certain that the campers who where sleeping in tents don’t and just to make my mood even better I simply love sitting looking out the window drinking coffee watching the campers scampering around trying to keep there gear dry in what was quite frankly a downpour , the ground was already soaking and the rain from the night before was doing its best to flood where the campers had pitched there tents , I did point out a couple of tents that where in what looked like a small swimming pool to my better half who called me a bad person .

After coffee it was time to make planes for the day, the weather was rotten, I couldn’t walk very far so after a look at the ordnance survey map we decided to go and have a look at a place know as Rutter waterfall then a drive to Haweswater, naturally we would call in any tea rooms etc. that we past, so that was it…….. Perhaps not the best of plans but it was enough for us to get ready throw the wet weather gear into the car and set off.

We found Rutter waterfall almost straight away and believe it or not the rain stopped, parking was on the roadside so we only had to walk a very short distance, it appeared that Rutter waterfall use to drive an old mill or something and the waterwheel could clearly been seen on the side of what must be a very lovley old building that is now a private house, like wise we could only go as far as the bridge before we was greeted by “keep out private” signs. Not that it mattered the bridge gave us excellent views, a few photos where snapped then it was back in the car and off to Haweswater.

Unfortunately the weather turned really pants on the drive over to Haweswater but that really didn’t matter whilst we where in the car, lunch was had at the Haweswater Hotel which is a lovley old hotel all geared up for walker and there muddy gear, we was told that there was an abundance of red squirrels in the surrounding trees but seeing as it was throwing it down we decided to stay in the dry.

Red squirrel for those of you that don’t know what one looks like

 After lunch and a friendly chat off one of the locals who told we about the flooded or sunken village of Mardale …see link:-

Then It was time for us to drive down to the car park at the far end of Haweswater.

After getting out of the car and sticking our waterproofs on it was time for a mooch around, the first thing we did was to have a look to see if it was possible to see any old ruins showing in the lake, we had been warned that all you could see was the stone walls (remains of) that where on the approach road to the village but that was before all the rain that we had been having the last few days , naturally it started raining again but somehow that added to the whole feel of the place , it was a dark dull gloomy type of day and with the clouds covering the hill tops it seemed almost right (if that makes sense ) we decided to follow one of the trails up into the hills a bit just to see a bit more , however I started to have serious problems with my leg or should I say stump and was really struggling  , as the pain started to increase so did my mood and I really did start to struggle , I set myself a very small target and old stone wall not far away  ……..if I could just get to that I would be happy , the clouds got lower and lower the rain started to get heaver and I was stumbling  causing myself no end of grief , in the end I had to give up blaming it on the rain , my leg, almost everything rather than admit to myself I simply wasn’t up to it today . I was very unhappy limping back to the car , the hills had almost disappeared into the low cloud and my world seemed to be  a very dark gloomy place ………………………………but something must have stuck in my mind because some years later I was standing on top of Kidsty Pike looking down at Haweswater when this day all came crashin back .


see :  ttp://    for info

And I just knew that I had to return to this area and mooch around and when I did what a day was had see:-

On the drive back we stopped and had a look at the dam and would you believe it the sun nearly came out then it was back to the campsite, my mood improved as we drove back mainly because I wasn’t in pain anymore and I realised that we did what we set out to do ……..I knew before we even set off that I couldn’t walk very far so why beat myself up about it ………..Pride I suppose……………. it’s a funny thing !!! At times it gets you going and keeps you going other times my pride it kicks me in the teeth when things don’t go as you want.

Anyway a few photos …….enjoy

A few photos of Rutter waterfall

Now at Haweswater looking at the old ruined walls leading to the sunken village of Mardale


Looking towards what I think is a cloudy Harter fell (I could be wrong here)


The path leading away from the car park, I was having some serious trouble even walking along this bit


Looking along the path towards a small waterfall


A bit further along and I am having some serious problems now


Looking back along the path at Haweswater


My better half waiting for me


Another stop and photo whilst I try to get my act together


Every thing seems very bleak or is it just me?


Taken at max zoom, I set myself the simple target of getting to that stone wall


But it seems miles away for me today


The clouds seems to be dropping (a bit like me really as I constantly keep tripping and falling)


Yvonne striding along, nearly at the stone wall


Again taken on max zoom


Yvonne giving me a smile and a bit of come on you will be alright!


Nearly at the wall (I am really starting to hate this wall now)


But the path swings down and away from it

Looking back at Haweswater, it seems that I have been struggling for miles and miles when really I have hardly covered any distance


Again taken on max zoom looking at a small waterfall and the gate in the stone wall where I MUST get to


Getting closer

So close but I can’t make it, I feel gutted not really sure why as I knew that I couldn’t walk today


Yvonne looking for a better path back to the car park, the area is covered in them


Looking down


Yvonne leading the way back


At Mardale beck looking up towards small water?  


Haven’t a clue about this fell


Looking along the beck towards Haweswater


Crossing over the footbridge


Last look back (what I didn’t know at the time was that I would return to this area and have a brilliant day covering all the summits)


Now at the dam


Looking across at a small spill way



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