Not having much spare time this weekend and the weather being lousy I decided to have a very small local walk just to make sure that things on stumpy leg where still ok (ish) . I decided on  the landscape sculpture of northumberlandia.

Now this landscaped lady caused quite a stir when she was first introduced for all the wrong reasons ………………… was basically a bribe to shut the locals up . simply what had happened was yet another opencast mine application was put forward, the locals for once mobilised and kicked up a stink which resulted in the planning permission being kicked into touch, then the opencast company being very crafty people they are put this forward and suddenly hew presto the planning permission was granted, of course I could be wrong about how it happened but not by far.

Any way despite my reservations about the whole thing, I must admit even though it needs to mature and still isn’t quite finished it is a success story, and even though it was a wet grey dull day, it was very busy with the locals.

Given time it will mature fully into a wildlife park / walk that will not only bring local people into the area but will put Northumberland on the map. And come the warmer drier seasons it could be a very good spot for a local family day picnic

It goes without saying you can’t really see all this sculpture unless it’s by air but by walking round it is possible to see “what the fuss is all about “and I have to say that I am impressed.

A couple of aerial photos that I have borrowed of the net.

The paths (about 4 miles of them) are laid out in such a way that they blend into the sculpture and make things very easy for the disabled among us to get around.

As much as it pains me to say this ………………..yes they got it right and I was wrong with my initial thoughts of what a waste of money  it’s not just another “arty thing” and I think that I will return here.

A bit of official stuff from their web site.

About the Lady

Northumberlandia is a unique piece of public art set in a 46 acre community park with free public access and 4 miles of footpaths on and around the landform.


The centrepiece of the park is Northumberlandia, a stunning human landform sculpture of a reclining lady. Made of 1.5 million tonnes of rock, clay and soil, she is 100 feet high and a quarter of a mile long.

Far from being a rigid manicured art form Northumberlandia is a living part of the countryside that will mature over time and change with the seasons. What you see when you visit is only the start of something that will evolve through generations.

An additional point of interest is that you can see into the Shotton Surface mine from the top of Northumberlandia a particular attraction for fans of big machinery.

Northumberlandia has been built by the Banks Group as part of the restoration of the adjacent Shotton surface coal mine that has provided a unique opportunity to create a spectacular art form, which otherwise would not be constructed, whilst recovering much needed coal for UK energy generation.

This project is known as restoration first – taking an extra piece of land donated by the landowner, the Blagdon Estate, adjacent to the mine and providing a new landscape for the community to enjoy while the mine is still operational. The £3 million cost of the project has been privately funded by the Banks Group and the Blagdon Estate

As normal a few photos as we mooched around …enjoy.

Taken as we leave the wooded section first view .

Taken from one of the viewing platforms.

Close up.

A few as we make our way round. its not finished yet but still very impressive.

The only wildlife we saw today was these geese , but it is very early days yet.

One of the viewing seats .

My better half Yvonne.

Taken from one of the viewing seats looking towards her head and mouth.

Getting a bit closer.

The opencast mine.

On one of the many paths leading upto her head.

Cutting between her boobys (yes I did go up there as well)

Close up of her mouth and nose .

Looking towards her head.

Looking across at the booby with the opencast mine in the background.

Me heading up to the head.

On the viewing platform on her head looking down her nose .

Looking towards the viewing platforms where the entrance from the car park is.

Taken from her head.

Happy Yay ..... I know I need help.

Last look back as we head back to the car.