DATE                                      23.08.11

DISTANCE                            ABOUT 9 MILES

WEATHER                             DRY WITH A COOL BREEZE UP TOP





This walk was never going to be easy , but still feeling pleased by my recent trip up Blencathra I thought why not , the planned route was to park up in the free (yes free) car park at the foot of Lonscale Fell and well basically follow the well defined path up taking in Lonscale Fell, Jenkin Hill , little man then onto Skiddaw summit itself , from there retrace our steps a bit then head off down via Sale How to Skiddaw house then join up with the Cumbria Way back round Lonscale fell back to where we left the car .

I knew right from the start that the route that I had chosen was going to be a long hard slow sometimes painfully slow slog up whatís known I believe as the tourist path, I donít as a rule like walking on this type of surface, lose stone makes it rather hard for me to get any grip with my arty leg and so I end up side stepping most of the way, plus as I have found out on many occasions in the past, falling on uneven stony paths hurts. And the last thing I want to do is fall and have a wimp when there is lots of people around.

Anyway I had my now world famous walking partner ďcheviot strollerĒ aka Yvonne with me, who must have decided right from the start that she would resort to bribes of sweeties and Jaffa cakes to keep me moving, failing that I am certain that she had a cattle prod in her bottomless rucksack which I think that she would of used to give me a different type of encouragement.

I am pleased to say that I only clasped twice and I think that I died about three times on the slow slog up, and somewhere half way up I think that I lost the use of my second lung and my head turned a funny colour of purple. But for once the weather gods came to my rescue and produced a nice cooling breeze which was just enough to stop my head from boiling.

Several lifetimes later we made the top or rather to lower little man (or something like that) and wow just look at the views Ö..Suddenly itís so worth the struggle to get here, my breathing gets back to normal, a stupid grin appears on my face and once again I am a happy boy.

Now itís just a case of walking (still a bit of up & down) along the path towards the summit, up and over little man then to Skiddaw itself, however ugh! The crowds what are all these people doing up here? and because I forgot to thank the weather gods they decide to pay me back , the nice cooling breeze that was so welcome on the way up is getting well a bit nippy now and the strength is building up quite a bit as well , now the one thing I cant do is walk in strong winds , so are stay at the top was rather short , quick bite to eat , a few photos which arenít that good due to a haze , but what views and what memories I will take with me .

Soon we leave that man made motorway of a path and get onto the green grassy path on Sale How, much better, as we head down to Skiddaw the cold wind seems to stop as well, a few boggy spots but nothing to get excited about then we joined up with the Cumbrian Way for the last leg of this walk. walking along this valley between Lonscale Fell and Blease Fell was a pure joy , apart from the midges that seemed to do there best to want to eat me alive . One last small obstacle to get  over at the crossing point at Whit  beck , which was no problem due to the low water level then back to the car .

About nine miles give or take a few meters either way. A good day, big thanks to my walking partner and all off those who gave advice on this route and the conditions.

As per norm a few photos, I will admit I am a bit disappointed with most of them.


Monument to some one or thing I am ashamed to say I didnít really take that much notice.

Looking back towards where the car was.

Starting to gain a bit of height looking back down the path, I think that I ran out of breath just after this photo was taken.

A bit further up.

Looking up towards lower little man or whatever itís called.

Peering over towards Keswick.

Looking back towards a distant Blencathra.

Looking up at little man? I think that I passed out somewhere around here.

The strange cairn on top (must be a story behind this)

The way forward (or am I looking back?)

Another strange cairn on little man?

On the way to Skiddaw.

Peering over the side.

Peering over the other side.

Where the two paths meet.

Not sure about this.

View from near the top.

At this point the wind started to get up a bit and the temp   drop by a few degrees.

Yeah made it !!!!!!

A few photos.

Now on sale how looking back up at Skiddaw.

Looking across towards Blease Fell.

Looking down towards Skiddaw house.

Now on the Cumbria Way looking back at Skiddaw house.

A few photos as we walk back along towards the car.


Looking up at the path up towards Skiddaw (we went up there!) nearly killed me.

The crossing at Whit Beck.

Last view as we leave the valley.