DATE                               21.05.12

DISTANCE                     ABOUT 9 .0 MILES

WEATHER                     HOT AND SUNNY




Mick goes mooching .

After my latest scare about old arty leg playing up I decided to make the most of things before things go tits up (which they will do sooner or later) so it was rather late on Sunday night when a ďbright light lit up in my headĒ and I decided to go visit the fells around Hartsop. I have to go on and say that at this moment in time I didnít have a clue what was around that area and it would be a mooch around and play it by ear as to where I went .

Having this sudden brainwave I instantly pmĒ ed my long suffering walking partner and invited her along, fully expecting to get a sorry Ö.work and all that reply, however if its one thing I knowÖÖ. its that Cheviot stroller like a days walking and she promptly kicked work into touch and informed me that she would be at the normal meeting place at the normal time.

The weather forecast was good and so where we. Great!!!

Driving across at silly oíclock didnít look to promising , grey low cloud then just as we passed Hadenís bridge clear blue skies ÖÖ..yeah the weather gods love me again .

Yvonne being Yvonne kept asking what where and how far we where planning to do, and I naturally did my best to totally ignore her. mainly because I didnít have a clue , yes I had a couple of routes done in my head but I couldnít even remember where the start point was or its name , till I got there so she had no chance of getting an answer .

However she is easily pleased and a stop off at Ullswater for a couple of photos took her mind off things, this morning the lake was nearly like a mirror with the sun shining and blue skies it seemed too  perfect to miss.

By this time the old brain had finally started to kick in and I started to explain what or where I wanted to walk today. We agreed to park up at the small car park at the end of the little village? Of Hartsop and just see how things work out.

Once we parked up, coffee was made, and we did what all good explorers do we put the map on the car bonnet, held in place by cups of coffee and pointed at bits on the map. Making excited noises .after much finger pointing we both agreed to head off into the hills and see what developed, I wanted to go to Kidsty pike, Yvonne wanted to see Angletarn so that was that .

Because I am such a good kid I will throw in a map of the route we did and I have to say it was a belta of a walk (sometimes I even surprise myself) I could go on and say that it was planned this way but that would be stretching the truth a bit.

The weather was good, almost too good, we both got sunburnt, and my dorky sun hat came out and instead of the sun burning me I just cooked my head and at this moment of time I donít know whatís best a straight burn or a slow cooking.

This walk is something special, tarns, waterfalls, views to die for, rocky paths up and down for me to practise on, deer, and some very easy grassy sections a few people doing the coast to coast route. And it opened up a whole new area for me to go back to sometime soon.

There was only one down side on this walk, my good and faithful boots finally gave up the one sided struggle, my left boot had finally lost the heel scattered in a thousand places all over the wild and remote places in Northumberland and Cumbria and my right boot, the leather had a 2Ē split down the side but even then the gortex lining held to where we parked the car then split on the last step so I didnít get any small stones in my boot. What a pair of boots they have been.

These boots will not be thrown away but will have a place of honour in my garden with some suitable plant planted in them.

Naturally I have already brought a replacement pair of the same make , but its taking me a little bit of time getting use to them , the heel on my arty leg is now that little bit higher and making life tricky for me , and I donít want to start mucking around with the Allen keys adjusting the leg.  I have got a week or so to get used to them before I am off out again. (I am sure things will work out ok)

Anyway as normal a few photos (well a lot) enjoy.

Taken from where we parked up Hartsop Dodd.

Our route and what a route it was.

Looking along Pasture beck.

Looking back down the track (we had a choice of paths at this point they go on to meet up further up)

Looking at Grey Crag.

One of the many small waterfalls that we passed on our way up.

Old ruin.

Looking back we can now see Brothers Water.

A few small waterfalls.

Our route up slowly gaining height and we can see the Knott our first objective.

Looking back down towards the old pump house?

I bet that this is impressive in winter.

A slightly bigger waterfall.

And Hayeswater, clear, blue & cold. Wow!

What a place.

Starting to head up towards the Knott looking back at the dam.

Looking back down our route, today the views are stunning.

Looking up towards the Knott, we seemed to be going upwards for a long long time, and it was starting to get hot.

Stopping to catch my breath and taking in the views (that happened a lot on this walk).

Same again but that little bit further up, I think that I had turned bright red by now.

Deer, I canít explain how much I like seeing these animals out in the wild.

Still heading up, there has been a lot of work done on this section of path, I found it to be extremely hard to walk on, and ended up walking on the grass by the side of the path.

Yet another stop for breath.

Looking back down. Slowly making our way to the top.

Now looking over the other side towards the Nab and Martindale Common.

Looking back down our route (yet another rest stop).

Looking towards the crags at High raise?

Close up (max zoom)

A couple of photos looking down Rampsgill beck.

A few photos.

The stone cairn at Rampsgill Head.

Peering over the side again.

Time to get over to Kidsty Pike.

Yvonneís already on the top, me I just canít help looking over the edge as we head towards it.  

Taken from Kidsty pike looking down towards Hawswater I donít know what to write I was just gobsmacked , there is another story to be told about this view or about Hawswater but that can wait till I walk in that area.

A few more photos taken from the top. Stunning views.

 Now heading off to continue our walk looking towards High street.

A few more photos, as we wander along.

Now on the straights of Riggingdale looking down.

 Looking down towards Hayeswater. Where we had our first sit down much earlier today.

Time to start heading down (I really donít like this path)

Our route, very easy walking, but its getting very warm and my head is starting to boil.

Part way down, looking back up.

Looking back towards Hayeswater.

Looking further down the valley where we walked earlier.

Not really sure what these are either Satura Crags or Buck Crags.

Boggy bit.

A couple of photos, not really sure where or what I am looking at.

Looking towards Bedafell (or Iím lost).

First view of Angle Tarn.

A few more, we had a very well deserved sit down here and just chilled out for a while.

Now heading around the side of Angle pikes looking down towards Brothers water.

Looking in the other direction, you can just make out the tip of Ullswater.

Our path.

A bit further along.

Looking back.

Arty leg wanted his photo taken.

Looking back again towards Brothers water.

Looking back at the path we took.

Round the corner and Looking towards Place Fell (things donít get much better than this)

At Boredale Hause about to head down.

Part way down, old Cheviot Stroller waiting for me to catch up. (I found the first part a bit of a nightmare walking on the lose stone) plus I was well knackered by now.

Looking back and up.

Across towards Ullswater.

Still heading down.

Even as we head down the low level views are wonderful.

Small waterfall.


I think that I am looking towards High Hartsop Dodd but could be wrong my brain has been cooked all day by the sun and has been overloaded by all the tremendous views.

Now back at Hartsop. (What a lovely place to live).

Last photo. As we are now back at the car.

I will admit that I was more or less worn out by now; I donít do very well in the hot sun. My boots died on the very last step but what a day, I think that I will be hard pressed to beat this walk.

However after yet another cup of coffee and a sit down by the beck I quickly recovered.

I know that I donít know the lakes very well (yet) but this walk is something special. And I canít wait to get another chance to get back across here.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did doing it.

Morning after thoughts.

I donít have any, still on a high from the walk.

Home, shower and straight to bed with a couple of Ibuprofen and a death like sleep seem to work for me.

 Today was a good day.