DATE                                            04.08.11

DISTANCE                                  ABOUT 8 .5 MILES

WEATHER                                  WET AND GREY TO START THEN SUNNY

START / FINISH                         CAR PARK IN THE GREAT WOOD


Well this walk turned out to be rather different what I had planned:-

What was planned was a nice easy gentle walk with lots of views and generally a chill out day. However we got :-

lousy weather to start with, with a really ridiculously hard start to the walk, (the path wasn’t as good as I hoped but on the good side it would provide good training for some stuff that I will come across as I venture further into the lakes) with the comment from someone who will remain nameless (Cheviot Stroller) that the rain will pass after ten. (Yes we got that right didn’t we?)But once you’re wet it really doesn’t matter any more. What can I say about the views , there is something very atmospheric with bits of cloud floating past , and distant mountain ranges looking very dark and scary only to change colour and become warm and welcoming as they where bathed in sunlight. A constant changing array of colours and light…………….. Fantastic

Once again an excellent walk with brilliant company (even thought there was a smug look on your face when I was wet and you where nice and dry)

On the really positive side , I managed to get up the rocky trail despite the wetness and slippy overgrown  rocky uneven surface with only one fall which has given me a huge boost in confidence ready to tackle my  next wander .( there is still so much to this legless business that I have got to learn)

A few photos …………….Enjoy

The route “we” picked, this was supposed to be a nice easy, dry? Chill out day. (How could have Yvonne got it so wrong?)

On the way up towards Falcon crags? Looking down towards Derwent water.


Our path (thanks Yvonne).


Near the top looking down.


Again with a bit more cloud cover.


A rather nice and dry (smug) Yvonne.


Down on the water.



A bit further along the water.


The stones and a bit of blue sky.


Looking up (we where up there).


Then the sun comes out and it all changes ………


 Ashness Bridge.


How different things look with a bit of sunshine.


At surprise view?


And again .



Last look as we get into the car.


A good day out.