DATE                                        07.07.15

DISTANCE                               2 1/4 MILES

WEATHER                             OVERCAST BUT DRY



Small water


This walk was so short it really shouldn’t be classed as a walk as such  but seeing as it my site I can post whatever crap I like plus there are a couple of other reasons why I want to put this walk on here ….where to start :

I suppose that this  all started years ago (2010)  when I was still  young and going through a bit of a rough time with my amputation, Yvonne had suggested a trip away for a few days hoping that the change of scenery would help me with some of the “stuff” that I was going through, I had my “Arty” leg and could walk a little bit but I was going threw a very bad time with one thing or another plus I seem to be having “one of those days” that was dragging on for what felt like weeks where nothing was going right , sore leg , bad back , aching all over because of the poor fit etc.  Etc.  Mentally I was all over the place ……….anyway we decided to have a drive along Haweswater and have a wander around possibly going up to the tarn “Small water” after all there seemed to be a well used path , lots of big hills to look at and go wow! And lots and lots of water running down the fells adding to the magical feel of the place, naturally the weather was pants but that didn’t matter but to cut a long story short, I couldn’t manage and after a few falls we decided to turn back and head for the car ……………..something that only made me feel worse ………..I felt such a loser / failure but time moves on and slowly but surly thing got back to normal and I forgot about this dismal failure in my life , then one bright sunny day I was out walking with my  walking buddy standing on top of Kidsty Pike when I spotted Haweswater and all this came rushing back ………………I knew that I wouldn’t get a moments peace till I returned to the area and put this sorry state of affairs to bed and so we planned and did one brilliant walk that really was an emotional roller-coaster for me , link for this brilliant walk can be found here :

Now after this walk….. mentally things where all good and as they should be with my mind but a very small thing kept on niggling away at the back of my mind saying “Mick you are in the area lets go and do the walk to Small water” to put it to bed once and for all so today that’s what we did.

I had mentioned to Yvonne my plan  and much to my surprise she agreed to join me for the walk along with all the pup’s …….err hello who are you and what have you done with my Yvonne , I mean Yvonne never walks now days but being the sorta person that I am I kept my thoughts to myself .

Any how, after breakfast …………That I cooked yet again and the dishes where done…ugh!  We left the campsite and drove the twenty odd miles to Haweswater and parked up in the small but free car park at the end of the lake.

The pup’s couldn’t wait to get stuck into the walk , after a quick look we couldn’t see any sheep around and so let them off there leads , Bob of course went ranging off all around , where as Munchy was quite happy to run up and down the path he wasn’t to keen to go bounding off into the longish grass , Flynn of course kept close , with all the rain and passing showers we had been having the whole area was soaking wet with water running along the paths in fact water was running almost every where , this only added to Flynn’s dislike of the area , sometimes he is such a girly wuss dog , I mean he even stopped  and had to be carried across many of the small water courses that we had to cross , and when he stood in a puddle he would look at you with his big sad eyes and say pick me up and carry me away from this horrid wet place . naturally Yvonne would pick him up and carry him for a bit, but the path was a bit rugged in places and she need her hands free for balance so he had to be put down again, he did look at me but as I quite rightly informed him “you have four legs & I just have the one” so get on with it. But as we slowly made our way up towards the tarn the path dried out a bit and Flynn started to play chase with Bob & munchy.

I will admit that I found the path a bit tricky in places with all the odd stones sticking up and the step ups and downs but nothing to get concerned about, Yvonne managed to keep a smile on her face until I said its just up a bit more and around the corner one to many times , but all in all it was a good little walk , the pup’s where having a great time running and play fighting  even Flynn seem to have forgotten getting his paws wet , the walk up to the tarn was a joy , it didn’t rain and the small waterfall that cascaded down into Haweswater where a delight to see and walk next to and any problems that I thought that I might have had didn’t happen and I can honestly say that I put my past misadventures well and truly behind me , so now I have walked up to the tarn , walked way way above it and have even paddled in it .

After a suitable sit down and rest at Small water, where doggie treats where dished out and very quickly eaten it was time to retrace our steps and head back down, on the way down the sun even managed to pick its way through some broken clouds and for the smallest amount of time we where greeted by sunshine and what a difference it made to the fells, from dark and moody to bright and inviting.

This more than anything reminded me of how much I love these fells and how I really do need to get my act together find a new walking partner and get my arse across here and start to push my self a bit more .

We did about 2 ¼ miles with about 690 ft. of the ups and downs but today wasn’t about distance or anything like that, it was about burying a bad memory or should I say replacing a bad memory and of course letting the pup’s have some fun.

On the drive back we called in the Haweswater hotel for afternoon tea, well I had a posh coffee with a huge lump of cake, Yvonne for once managed to get in and out without having an alcoholic   drink which must be a first for her however she did get a huge cake and woofed it down, the pup’s got some tasty tit bits and actually behaved themselves which must be a first for them.

A few photos from today:

The boys leading the way along the start of the walk with Harter Fell in the background


Looking at two small waterfalls we should be following the one on the left hand side up to Small water


Taken at max zoom


Flynn he is not a happy boy at the moment he keeps getting his paws wet

Munchy dog

Munchy and Flynn, Bob is miles away by now


Looking towards Harter Fell


Looking back towards Haweswater


Flynn, Munchy and Yvonne with a very rare smile on her face


Looking across at the small water fall coming down from Blea water


Bobs back!


All three pups’ racing back along the path


Again looking towards the waterfall from Blea water

A bit closer


Munchy waiting for us


The waterfall coming down from small water, we follow this up to the tarn


Close up, I tried to capture it all but sadly I can’t

Munchy & Flynn


What a couple of posers


Part of the waterfall


Up close


Looking back down


It was at this point I told Yvonne that this was the top


Well ok this last small ridge (she had lost her smile by now)


Note how I am keeping my distance from her at this point

Saved by the tarn, first sighting of Small Water


This is as far as we go today; the path would take us up Nan Bield Pass but not today


After a sit down, its time to head back down last look


Heading back down and Haweswater appears


Me trying for an “arty photo” shot (not working)


Flynn waiting for me


Bob dog has decided to run back and check up on me


Yvonne leading the way back down


A few photos of the waterfall


Bob and Munchy waiting for me to catch up


Looking down


Above the water


Bob and Flynn


Munchy and Flynn about to have  a race


Looking back

And again from a bit further down


Looking across towards what I think is Artle Crag


Looking across at the waterfalls as the sun starts to come out


The sun hits the waterfalls, how green and lush it turns


Last look up at Harter Fell in the sunshine ….did I tell you I got up there and had a brill day?


Day after thoughts.

With this walk being so small I didn’t expect to have any problems , and I didn’t apart from the brief stop at the Haweswater hotel that nearly bankrupted me with there prices , but I have to say it was very nice , I think that if the sun is out and a clear blue sky this walk would be simply stunning …………

Thanks for reading.


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